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Halloween Special!

Inspired by Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, we are partnering with some great podcast creators to bring you some scary Latinx centered stories! 

Fact or Fiction?

Each podcast creates 2 stories - one real and one fake. Those stories are sent to a partnering podcast and then the receiving podcast tries to guess which one is the real one and which one is the fake one. 

All is revealed at the end of the episode. 


Listen and try your best to guess along with us! Will you guess right or will you be fooled?




Brenda Salguero and Dr. Orquidea Morales use their expertise and experiences, to explore the world of Latin American and Latinx folklore, horror, and monsters.


Espooky Tales

Espooky tales is a podcast where two friends, Cristina & MJ, bring you Latinx folklore, espooky cuentos del rancho, legends, haunted places & more. If you miss being a kid and listening to all the tios and tias share scary stories (that you shouldn't have been listening to), then we got you!

Coffee and Chisme.JPG

Coffee + Chisme

 A raw slice of or empowerment, gossip & pop culture through the ojos of Latinx besties Albz & Jae! Dropping a fresh batch of chisme every other Wednesday!



We are officially launching our Patreon! If you love and want to support what we do please subscribe! We currently have two tiers: 


A small scary monstra with a penchant for goats blood!

You get a special shoutout on the podcast when you join and a very kind thank you for your support.

Wow you're a real scary monstra! We will not only give you a shout out on our podcast, but also you will receive access to exclusive content & future merch, and the ability to vote on our podcast topics!

The first few who join this tier get a special gift!

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